BoBo World: Hospital

Play and work as a doctor

Do you want to be a doctor? Or even better, do you want to run your own hospital? Welcome to BoBo World Hospital, where you could experience the daily routines of a real hospital!
Feel free to visit different departments on each floor: the emergency center, gynecology, psychiatry, dentistry, operation room, the maintenance room and more! With 4 floors of treatment areas and equipments, you could play any role you want in a hospital: a doctor, a nurse, a patient, an ambulance driver or a cleaning staff. Enjoy the fun of exploration!
Help the visitors in the hospital cure their diseases and take good care of them. You could fix their eye or teeth problems; help a pregnancy lady have a baby or even operate a surgery.
. Simulate real life hospital
. 4 floors and 7 scenes to play!
. Lots of equipments and interactive props
. Help the patients and take care of them
. 20 cute characters to play with
. Find hidden surprises and rewards!
. Free exploration with no rules!
. Multi-touch supported. Play with your friends!